Work Related Injuries osteopathy

Work Related Injuries

Prevention of work related strains is always better than cure.

Lost Productivity

Office related strains, pains and discomfort are an increasingly common occurrence. Osteopathy corrects common postural complaints, for a happier, healthier workforce.

Fit For Purpose

Whether you work in an office or outside in physical labour, your body needs to be able to structurally cope with the demands placed on it.

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For Employees

A visit to our Maidstone osteopathy clinic demonstrates to your boss that you are taking an active role in maintaining your health. One of our team will assess your work style to find areas for improvement and other environmental factors to try and prevent a recurrence of your injury.

Risk of Injury

Manual work carries injury risks due to heavy lifting, over reaching and long periods of bending. Back injuries, sciatica and muscle strains may ensue.
However, office work is not without risk – sitting at a desk or computer all day can lead to RSI or common postural complaints.

For Employers

Our team offers bespoke ergonomic assessments of your workplace to determine an optimal ‘postural health environment for workers and a significant reduction in related sick leave. Some local Kent companies already benefit from our tailored work care programme.

Tips For Work

When lifting at work, make sure you can do so safely and ask for help if needed.

Take regular short breaks away from your desk and computer to minimise back, neck and eye strain.

When driving long distances, take time to stop for 10 minute ‘walk and stretch’ breaks where possible.

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