Fast pain relief

To help anyone in pain, our Kent Osteopathy practice offers fast appointment times (within 24-48 hours of initial contact). We pride ourselves on the highest quality osteopathy or physiotherapy, delivered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team that works collaboratively for best results.

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Lower back pain

Lower back pain?

Be it sciatica, a slipped disc or trapped nerve, we’ve decades of experience permanently resolving these common ailments.

Neck pain

Neck pain?

Our experts work with you to alleviate neck pain, then alleviate the contributing factors that cause it.


Matt Ford - Testimonial

“I have been seeing Scott for the last 5 years for various Golfing complaints. Being a professional golfer its important to keep on top of any injuries that pop up during the year. Regular sessions keep major issues at bay and he has been very good at keeping me moving or getting me back moving freely quickly when needed”.

Matt Ford, Profession Challenge Tour Golfer

Andy Cook - Testimonial

“Scott Osteopathic & Health Clinic” has been providing musculoskeletal care for me through my football career. During this time Scott has been able to tackle a variety of musculoskeletal complaints. His thorough understanding of biomechanics and anatomy and the unique hands on approach have allowed an early return to normal professional football activity and minimised absenteeism from training and performances.”

Andy Cook, Ex-Southampton, Millwall, Portsmouth and Swansea Footballer

Meet The Experts

Scott Daniels was a professional footballer for over 10 years, so he knows better than most what it is like to endure injuries and the associated pain and discomfort that’s involved.

Scott was fortunate enough to receive the finest possible treatment available at the time. His full body healing experience inspired his change in career; to study and begin practicing as a registered osteopath himself.

How to find us

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Phone: 01622 631401