Osteopathy for Children

Osteopathy for Children

Healthy Growth And Development In Kids.

Childhood Injuries

As children grow older, problems may become apparent that actually originate from earlier strains, bumps or trauma (falls or knocks to the head).

Supportive Osteopathy

As children develop, the body frame undergoes notable changes. Not only do the bones and muscles of the body grow and adapt, but so do the bones of a child’s head and face.

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Growing Pains

By assessing and treating the issues associated with a child’s physical growth, our osteopaths help young children and pre-teens transition into adolescence more comfortably.

A safe and natural approach, our Maidstone team also treats babies and children for knocks, scrapes or strains sometimes acquired in childbirth.

Adaptive Osteopathy

Sometimes muscles can develop quicker than the bones in children, which can lead to aches and occasionally intense discomfort.

Our team practices a whole person approach, considering the individual’s needs to develop a plan for long term wellbeing.

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