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Sports Injuries

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are effective, safe solutions for injuries, strains and pain relief.

Regular Movement

Regular movement is of real benefit to our physical health. But over exercising, or improper technique, can lead to strains that are often easily avoided.

Correct Technique

Injuries may occur from improper warm up or warm down rituals. Our team of physiotherapists and osteopaths work to reduce injuries while advising on techniques to exercise smarter.

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Osteopathy & Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

For common sports injuries like tennis elbow, pulled hamstrings or knee injuries from impact sports like running, our osteopaths have firsthand experience in the professional sporting realm to accurately diagnose, then treat, any structural imbalances and soft tissue restrictions.

Staying Fit

For overall fitness, osteopathy is a great lifestyle complement. Maintaining muscle tone and suppleness, osteopathic treatments also reduce the risk of injury to unaccustomed muscle groups. Diet and stretching protocols will be recommended for your activity and fitness level.

Exercise Tips

• Begin and build up slowly – no one gets fit overnight

• Make sure you warm up first, then warm down after exercise

• Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise

• Do not try to “run an injury off”, seek early advice and osteopathic support

Sports Equipment

Often, sports injuries can occur due to investing in the wrong equipment. Badly fitting shoes are a common cause of Achilles injuries, for example. Our experienced team can assess if your sports equipment and clothing is supporting you – or not.

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