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Getting Older

Staying flexible and pain free through life.

Joint Mobility

Joints require regular movement to ensure their maximum range. Our osteopaths can support you with a plan that outlines the correct exercises and movement for optimal mobility.

Smart Self Care

In our Maidstone clinic, osteopathic techniques and physiotherapy is used to address imbalances, before protocols are advised for clients to action their own self healing.

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Healthy Spine and Joints

Young healthy bodies easily adapt to life’s stresses and strains. However, as we get older (over 25 years!) our bodies lose some of their elasticity, leading to stiffness and less flexibility in certain areas. This can occur all over the body, but particularly between the vertebrae and joint cartilage.

RSI Prevention

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is on the rise thanks to sedentary lifestyles, desk jobs and technology. Osteopathic techniques help to restore function, while our osteopaths also offer lifestyle assessments to establish new healthy habits.

Lifestyle Measures

As part of our osteopathic offering, we provide advice to businesses and individuals on correct postural habits and lifestyle, as well as reviewing the suitability of household items like mattresses and desk chairs to ensure your environment helps, not hinders.

Better Back Care

Because back pain and problems with the lower back and lumbar are a common complaint among office workers, having the tools and techniques to mitigate these problems is paramount. This is where our experienced team of osteopaths and physiotherapists can help.

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