Elbow Pain Treatment in Maidstone, Kent

There are a wide range of elbow troubles we see at the clinic, from mild repetitive injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow, through to the rehabilitation of fractures. We treat all kinds of elbow pain at our clinic in Bearstead, Maidstone, Kent, and offer a range of treatments including osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage, and also treat many similar problems, such as wrist pain and upper back pain.

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Elbow Pains

The elbow is a remarkable joint that facilitates the movement of our upper limbs and enables us to execute a variety of daily tasks. However, similar to other joints, the elbow is susceptible to a variety of conditions that can cause discomfort, pain, and movement limitations. If you are experiencing elbow issues, consulting our Osteopaths or Physiotherapists may be the key to a speedy recovery. We have gathered together five most common elbow issues we see at our Clinic in Maidstone, Kent, their causes, and how physiotherapy and osteopathy can help you get back on track.

Diagram of tennis elbow

Common Elbow Complaints

1. Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow): Tennis elbow is a condition characterised by a painful and sensitive outer elbow. It is not exclusive to tennis players despite its appellation. Frequent grasping and wrist movements are frequent causes. Physiotherapists and osteopaths can design exercises to strengthen the forearm muscles, administer manual therapy and shockwave therapy to alleviate discomfort, and educate patients on ergonomic adjustments to prevent recurrence.

2. Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer’s Elbow): Similar to tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow impacts the inner portion of the elbow. It is marked by discomfort and sensitivity. This condition can be triggered by grasping and wrist flexion activities. To alleviate pain and restore function, physiotherapy and osteopathy may employ stretching exercises, manual therapy, and progressive strengthening exercises.

3. Bursitis of the Elbow: Bursitis of the elbow is caused by inflammation of the bursa (fluid-filled sac) at the rear of the elbow. This can result in oedema, pain, and restricted mobility. Physiotherapists and osteopaths can reduce inflammation and promote healing using techniques such as ultrasound therapy and shockwave therapy, manual drainage, and mild mobilisation.

4. Fractures of the elbow can be caused by collisions, accidents, or sports-related injuries. Depending on the severity, immobilisation may be followed by guided physiotherapy. Our specialist can assist in regaining joint mobility, muscle strength, and coordination through the use of individualised exercises and techniques.

5. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: Cubital tunnel syndrome is characterised by irritation or compression of the ulnar nerve as it travels through the cubital tunnel (inner elbow). This condition can result in hand paralysis, tingling, and weakness. To alleviate symptoms and prevent nerve compression, physiotherapists and osteopaths can provide nerve-gliding exercises, manual therapy, and ergonomic recommendations.

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Physiotherapy and Osteopathy at our Maidstone, Kent Clinic

Our physiotherapists and osteopaths are specialists at assessing musculoskeletal disorders, administering targeted treatments, and developing individualised rehabilitation plans. They concentrate on addressing the core cause of the issue and enhancing joint function overall.

All our therapists are qualified and experienced, and registered with all appropriate professional bodies. We are conveniently located in Bearstead, Maidstone, Kent.

Possible Treatment and Rehabilitation Options

Manual Therapy: Massage, joint mobilisation and soft tissue manipulation can reduce pain and enhance joint mobility. Customised exercise programmes strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance joint stability. These programmes progress progressively as the patient’s condition improves.

Ergonomic Advice: Professional advice provide direction on correct posture and techniques for daily activities to prevent strain on the afflicted region.

Other Therapeutic Modalities: Ultrasound, shockwave therapy, heat, and cold may all be utilised to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Empowering Health: Patients are educated on their condition, contributing factors, and how to prevent future complications.

We Can Help

Elbow issues can be debilitating, but they do not have to be. Do not let elbow issues prevent you from living your best life. If you are experiencing elbow discomfort, limited mobility, or pain, it is time to take action. To schedule an appointment with our skilled physiotherapists and osteopaths at Scott Osteopathic & Health Clinic based in Bearsted, Maidstone, then please contact the clinic or book online. Let us assist you in regaining the health and functionality of your elbow, allowing you to return to your favourite activities.

Remember that early intervention and professional direction can make all the difference.

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