Osteopathy For Pregnancy

Osteopathy For Pregnancy

Pain free and comfortable during pregnancy.

Common Issues

Symptoms experienced during pregnancy include low back and pelvic pain, sciatica, leg pain and more. Fortunately, osteopathy and physiotherapy provide lasting solutions to these challenges.


Every patient will undergo a thorough examination. An extensive case history will take place, before our team will collaborate to provide the best osteopathic and physiotherapy for the problem area/s.

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Full Term Support

After an examination, you may be offered osteopathic manual therapy to correct the tissues causing the symptoms and any underlying problems as well. Once pain starts to subside, ongoing osteopathic maintenance sessions may be recommended to correct aspects of the body and spine that will change over each trimester.

Everyday Wellbeing

Our osteopaths provide custom exercises and recommendations for pregnant women to ensure the entire pregnancy is as smooth as possible. You may also benefit from a postnatal check up at six weeks once you have been discharged from your midwife.

CBP & Neck

As with all our clients, practicing self care and understanding how to work with your body during pregnancy can make a significant difference to comfort levels at this important time.

Pregnancy Tips

• Take care when lifting and carrying
• Do not carry small children on one hip for long periods
• When laying on your side, place a pillow under your bump for support
• Sit correctly with good posture, use a cushion for support and do not cross your legs

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