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Sports Massage

Sports massage at our
Maidstone Clinic is tailored to your needs.

Targeted Muscle Pain Relief

Our professionally trained sports massage therapist can help relief tired, sore and aching muscles leading to a quicker recovery.

Maintenance Massage

Regular massage can help to maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, a maintenance massage treatment routine concentrating on your particular muscle tightness is very beneficial.

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What is Sports Massage?

Massage was one of the earliest forms of physical therapy and has been used over thousands of years. As time has passed it’s use has become more popular in the western world. Sports massage is based on Swedish massage where by the muscles are manipulated especially trying to aid people who have physically demanding jobs, lifestyles and/or hobbies.

How Sports Massage can benefit you

Sports massage is centred on the deep layers of muscle. The aim of which is to release long term strain in the body using slow moving finger pressure on the effected contracted muscles. Sports massage can help prevent & treat injuries and enhance a patients overall well-being.

Scott Osteopathic & Health Clinic in Bearsted, Maidstone has an extremely qualified Sports massage therapist who works along side our osteopaths and physiotherapist, therefore providing a more comprehensive individually tailored approach to patients who are in discomfort from a wide range of injuries associated with sport, work and hobbies.

Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

Most people can benefit from sports massage. The main purpose is to reduce stress and tension, which develops in the body’s soft tissue through physical activity, however this does not always involve playing sports.

What causes the need for Sports Massage?

Many actions we perform on a daily basis can lead to problems including manual working, gardening and computer usage for example. People with physical occupations may get problems, which replicate sports injuries. Those with less demanding jobs can also require sports massage due to the build up of stress from their occupation, emotional or postural associated.

Regular sports massage is a normal part of any training plan of elite athletes. Sports massage is essential to initiate peak performance.

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