Shockwave Therapy in Maidstone, Kent

At Scott Osteopathic and Health Clinic we are pleased to offer shockwave therapy alongside a range of other treatments including osteopathy, physiotherapy, medical acupuncture and sports massage.

We are an experienced and professional team of qualified health professionals, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and General Osteopathic Council. We care about your recovery and are dedicated to providing the best in physical therapy treatments.

We are a welcoming clinic in a peaceful location near Maidstone, and our expert team is always on hand to answer your questions or to provide any advice you need.

Person receiving shockwave therapy on knee
We offer shockwave therapy in Maidstone
Diagram showing how shockwave therapy works
Shockwave therapy uses energy pulses to heal injuries

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a treatment method that uses a specialised machine to help heal injuries by sending pulses of energy into the affected area. This helps to kickstart the body’s natural healing processes, and is a popular treatment for stubborn or long-term injuries which have not responded to more traditional treatment methods.

Shockwave therapy is carried out by a trained practitioner and used alongside other therapies such as osteopathy or physiotherapy. Rather than being a standalone service, shockwave therapy is incorporated into standard physical therapy treatment sessions along with other treatment modalities, according to what is most appropriate for any individual patient.

Shockwave Therapy Video

Clinical Director Scott Daniels explains Shockwave Therapy

What Can Shockwave Therapy Treat?

Shockwave therapy is most effective on tendon pains and tendonitis. Typically these are repetitive injuries caused by overuse, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel from walking and running) and tennis elbow (overuse of the arm or elbow). There are many places in the body you might feel pain from tendon overuse or inflammation, including the knees, shoulders, wrists, hands, thighs and feet. Shockwave therapy can also be used on some muscle pains, and your therapist will be able to advise you.

Your therapist will also advise you on what you can do to speed up your recovery outside of the treatment sessions, such as giving you exercises and stretches for the affected area. Where appropriate, your therapist will also advise you on lifestyle changes that can benefit you, for example by adapting your driving position or working posture.

Diagram showing areas of the body that shockwave therapy can be used
Shockwave therapy can treat many areas of the body
Close up of shockwave machine with therapy session in background
Shockwave therapy delivers high-intensity acoustic pulses

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Despite the name, shockwave therapy does not deliver an electric shock, but a highly-targeted acoustic pulse.

These high-energy pulses have an initial effect of desensitising nerve endings in the affected area. This has an anaesthetic effect which can often lead to an immediate reduction in pain.

Shockwave therapy provides longer-term healing by slightly breaking down the tissues in the affected area, known as “controlled microtrauma”. Whilst this very slight damage will cause you no pain or loss of function, it stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, increasing blood flow to the area and speeding up recovery.

Meet The Experts

Scott Daniels was a professional footballer for over 10 years, so he knows better than most what it is like to endure injuries and the associated pain and discomfort that’s involved.

Scott was fortunate enough to receive the finest possible treatment available at the time. His full body healing experience inspired his change in career; to study and begin practicing as a registered osteopath himself.

Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

Although shockwave therapy can sound scary, there is typically very little or no pain involved. You will feel the waves of energy against the skin but for most people this feels like nothing more than a gentle tapping.

The shockwave pulses are adjustable, so if you were to find the treatment painful for any reason your therapist will be able to set them to a lower intensity. As with all physical therapy, you will discuss with your therapist during the treatment and they will adapt as necessary as you feed back on how you are feeling.

Young woman having shockwave therapy in clinic
Shockwave therapy is not generally painful
Person having shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis
At least three sessions of shockwave therapy are normally recommended

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

There is a cumulative effect to shockwave therapy, so although you will usually feel a reduction in pain immediately, at least three sessions are normally required to experience the full benefits.

Shockwave is typically used for stubborn conditions that have been causing long-term pain, and is used alongside other manual therapies. Every patient is different and your therapist will examine your injury, take a case history and propose the treatment plan that is right for you, incorporating shockwave therapy alongside the most appropriate treatments for your particular case.

Fast pain relief

To help anyone in pain, our Kent Osteopathy practice offers fast appointment times (within 24-48 hours of initial contact). We pride ourselves on the highest quality osteopathy or physiotherapy, delivered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team that works collaboratively for best results.

Maidstone Osteopaths

Woman discussing injury with physiotherapist
We take a highly personalised approach

Shockwave Therapy in Maidstone with Scott Osteopathic and Health Clinic

Our team of expert physiotherapists and osteopaths are experienced in the use of shockwave therapy and here to help you get back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

We take a highly personalised approach to treatment, taking the time to understand your condition and why you have come to the clinic, and guiding you in the best treatment programme for your particular needs. We care about your recovery and are always here to help if you have any questions or concerns about shockwave therapy or finding the right treatment for you.

Booking an Appointment

Our Bearsted clinic is situated in easy reach of Maidstone and booking is quick and easy using our online system. We usually have appointments available within 24-48 hours notice, allowing you to get the treatment you need without any delays. You may also want to see our current fees.

Shockwave therapy is incorporated into standard osteopathic and physiotherapy treatment sessions rather than being a standalone service. If you have any questions about which therapy is best for your particular condition please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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Booking is easy with our online system


Matt Ford - Testimonial

“I have been seeing Scott for the last 5 years for various Golfing complaints. Being a professional golfer its important to keep on top of any injuries that pop up during the year. Regular sessions keep major issues at bay and he has been very good at keeping me moving or getting me back moving freely quickly when needed”.

Matt Ford, Profession Challenge Tour Golfer

Andy Cook - Testimonial

“Scott Osteopathic & Health Clinic” has been providing musculoskeletal care for me through my football career. During this time Scott has been able to tackle a variety of musculoskeletal complaints. His thorough understanding of biomechanics and anatomy and the unique hands on approach have allowed an early return to normal professional football activity and minimised absenteeism from training and performances.”

Andy Cook, Ex-Southampton, Millwall, Portsmouth and Swansea Footballer

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There are many resources available on shockwave therapy

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