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Back Pain

Proven solutions for all kinds of back and muscle pain.

Targeted Pain Relief

Our back specialists are experienced in relieving anything from chronic back pain, nerve pain, sciatica, lumbar pain, acute lower back pain and many other back related ailments.

Self Maintenance

Our Maidstone osteopaths are dedicated to more than your immediate relief; we also tailor aftercare to support the body’s natural healing capability.

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Free From Pain

Our caring Maidstone osteopaths understand the debilitating nature of back pain and associated groin, buttock and leg pain (known as sciatica).
Additional problems in the upper spine and neck may result, and can include dizziness, headaches or a clicking jaw.
Osteopathy effectively treats these symptoms – and many more.

Expert Care

Whether you’re suffering from a slipped disc, sciatica, trapped nerves or chronic lower back pain, our expert osteopaths and physiotherapists share over 40 years combined experience diagnosing and treating clients for all types of back pain.

Full Body Solutions

One of the unfortunate side effects of back pain and spinal challenges is that the pain rarely stays in an isolated area. With this in mind, our Maidstone-based osteopaths assess and diagnose holistically to form a treatment plan that tackles the root cause.

Surgery Free

Many clients have been advised to undergo surgery for back pain issues including sciatic nerve pain, lumbago or a slipped disc. Yet, our Maidstone clinic has found that targeted osteopathy and/ or physiotherapy provides lasting relief – without extreme measures.

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